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 Future Plans

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Future Plans Empty
PostSubject: Future Plans   Future Plans EmptyTue Aug 02, 2011 11:32 am

In the near future when we obtain enough funds and development support we will be working on the following things:

Remade Junon Polis
Some of you may know what the "New Junon" looks like as it has been displayed in many servers. We're working on an even better version of Junon Polis (In my opinion). This will have more land up to the north to fight with, which will include new monsters and quests. In the center region we will have most of the basic NPCs such as the weapon seller, designer, etc. They may be positioned differently on the map and look different.

Heart Boxes
Two times a day, monsters by the name of "Heart Box" will spawn in certain areas across every planet and there is a 50% chance that you can obtain hearts from them, such as; Red Hearts, Blue Hearts, Golden Hearts, etc. But they will only be active for 5 minutes, so be quick!

New Planets
If you've played ROSE before you would know that there were 3 planets that haven't completed in development. We happen to be working on them and will be releasing them in a few months to come including Oro.

Oro <- Has already been released but not yet implemented in LuvROSE.
Theme: Ancient Egyptian-Style
Monster Level Range: 180-235
Level to Enter: 120

Theme: Area for socializing with players and/or clan members
Monster Level Range: No monsters at this map
Level to Enter: Any

Theme: Rocky, Deserted-Style
Monster Level Range: 210-255
Level to Enter: 150

Theme: Fiery, Deserted-Style
Monster Level Range: 240-290
Level to Enter: 180

The LuvShop
Soon we will have this fully-functional item mall up and running. You can donate to redeem "LuvTokens" which you can use to purchase items in the item mall. There are many sales each week including discounts on buying an entire clothing set at once (This may vary depending on the set). Choose from hundreds of items including custom made LuvROSE designed cars, outfits and hats.

The LuvChamber
An server-sided, yet searchable wiki with almost all the information you need to know about LuvROSE or ROSE Online in general. There will be rankings as well as map images, monsters images and anything else we find helpful.


But there're lots more where that came from. As long as you keep suggesting them, we will do our best to make it a reality.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Future Plans Ff1we
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Future Plans
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