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 Forums Color Coding Rule !

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Forums Color Coding Rule ! Empty
PostSubject: Forums Color Coding Rule !   Forums Color Coding Rule ! EmptySat Sep 17, 2011 5:21 am

I'm making a rule on the forums about posting problems ..
when making a topic you can choose the text color you wanted right ?
so i think this rule will help the staff to easily notice your topic etc .
but then if its a bug/glitches on the game you don't have to make topic just go to this Topic to know how to report bugs we recommend that rather than making a topic because reporting us using LuvTracker will be easier for us to manage and fix it ASAP ..

please choose the right color for your topic ..

Priority means superior rank or The quality or state of being prior or antecedent in time, or of preceding something else; as, priority of application or topics.

Notice : This rule won't take effect on :
Off Topic ,Welcome Area,Clan Central,LuvRose Global Sections...

Black = Very Low Priority

DarkBlue/DarkRed = Low Priority

Green/Yellow/Orange/Blue/Indigo = Medium Priority

White/Gray/Cyan = High Priority

Red = for Critical Problem/Very Important !

For you to easy memorize the color codings on making a topic ..
Read this ..

Normal Color = Very Low priority
Dark Colors = Low Priority
Common Colors = Medium Priority
Light Colors = High Priority
Bloddy Color = Critical Problem/Very Important !..

Some color that not been mention can be consider as Very Low Priority ..
this rule is been aprove by the admin's so people had to strictly follow this rule those who don't follow will be given a Warning if you got 3 Warnings you will be temporary ban for 3 days ..
So Please Follow ..

eg. of bad topics with priority ..

eg. : Topic name : Heeellppp !!
Message body : please ppl need buffs please staffs go to the game quick !

this is consider as bad topic since its not that important for you to put it in Critical topic . Please think before you choose the color ..

eg. of good topics with priority ...
eg. Topic name : Why i'm lagging so much !
Message body : When i try going to sikuku prison i lagg so much and it seems i'm the only one does help !.. <--- √

This is consider as good topic you put your topic in the right priority and for some reason that is hard to explain i know you understand what is the rule and the right thing to do so i don't have to explain it much ofc ...

This rule is not been Copied it was made by me

- Thanks for following the rules , Enjoy Playing LuvROSE -

- PinkSakura


Blessed is the season which engages
the whole world in a conspiracy of love !

Forums Color Coding Rule ! Pinksakura-1

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Forums Color Coding Rule !
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